CNC Volumetric Compensation

If you are looking for something attractive in the CNC industry, then CNC Volumetric Compensation is definitely worth considering. It is the most complex type of compensation, but also the most effective. At KES Machine, we have been leading the field of CNC repair, CNC retrofits, and laser calibration since the year 2000. Our team of experts has the knowledge and experience to provide you with the best CNC Volumetric Compensation services. In this service page, we will cover all important points about CNC Volumetric Compensation, and why you should choose KES Machine for your CNC retrofit needs.

What is CNC Volumetric Compensation?

CNC Volumetric Compensation is a technique used to correct errors that occur during the manufacturing process of a CNC machine. These errors can be caused by various factors such as temperature changes, mechanical wear and tear, and even human error. This compensation technique involves measuring the position of the machine’s axes and then calculating the errors using a mathematical model. Once the errors are identified, they are corrected by adjusting the machine’s settings to improve its accuracy and precision. CNC Volumetric Compensation is the most complex type of compensation because it compensates for 21 degrees of freedom.

Why is CNC Volumetric Compensation important?

CNC Volumetric Compensation is important because it improves the accuracy and precision of a CNC machine. This is essential for producing high-quality parts that meet the required specifications. Without CNC Volumetric Compensation, errors in the manufacturing process can lead to defective parts, increased scrap rates, and ultimately, lost revenue. They also increases the lifespan of the machine by reducing wear and tear, which in turn reduces the need for costly repairs and replacements.

Benefits of CNC Volumetric Compensation

There are numerous benefits to using CNC Volumetric Compensation, including improved accuracy, reduced waste, and increased efficiency. By compensating for errors in the machine's geometry, they can also extend the machine's lifespan, saving our customers money in the long run. Additionally, by using advanced algorithms and software, CNC Volumetric Compensation can help to reduce the amount of time required for setup and calibration, further increasing efficiency.

Why choose KES Machine for CNC Volumetric Compensation?

KES Machine has been providing CNC retrofit services for over two decades, and we have established ourselves as the industry leader. Our team of experts has the knowledge and experience to handle even the most complex CNC Volumetric Compensation projects. We use the latest technology and equipment to ensure that your machine is performing at its best. We also provide ongoing support to ensure that your machine remains accurate and precise over time.

Our CNC Volumetric Compensation process

Our CNC Volumetric Compensation process involves several steps. First, we analyze the machine’s geometry and identify any errors. Next, we create a mathematical model of the machine and calculate the errors. Then, we adjust the machine’s settings to correct the errors and improve its accuracy and precision. Finally, we verify the results using our advanced laser calibration system to ensure that the machine is performing at its best.


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